Monday, September 28, 2009

My Sketches

This sketch actually me and my noorman. - 2007
You might see some different with the sketch and colored. Noorman's arm... My mom said his arm (on the sketch one) are not suitable. So I replace it.

I love this one. The naked angel. - 2007

This is my 1st colored sketch using Adobe. The Lady - 2005

This is the two version of Angel using the same pencil sketch. - 2005

This is The Blue Girl - 2006
I'm not good in hand coloring actually. So, I scan my sketch drawing and color it digitally using Adobe Photoshop. Nice right... I even can add textures to their clothes! Most of the original sketch drawings are lost. So I just kept the scanned one.
~>Click Picture to enlarge (^.^)

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I want to have a pet that I can hold and hug (not kind of Fish! I can't hug a fish...). But what kind of pet? Other than a cat?

Do you think I can bring him into my room and let him sit on my bed???

A reptile? My sister hate reptile! She rather move to other house than living in a same place with reptile. Poor Mr. Lizard.

A parot? Or kind of bird? I don't like to see them un-free in the cage. But leaving them free, they'll hit the ceiling fan and die!

Hamster? Too small and I'm afraid that my mom will accidently suck him with vacum cleaner!

CAT. Yes? CAT!!!

Dog? Absolutley CANNOT because dog is forbidden for muslim.

I always wish to have weird pet like:

Koala. But Australian Government did not allow koala to be export to other country except for Zoos case.

Orang Utan @ Ape? Hm... he might be too naughty and can't sit still nicely in the sofa!


I always wish to have lion or

Black Leopard at home... (^.^)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

About Affinie A. Ramos

Lion... the suitable things that match to my soul (because I born in a Leo month I guess)

I really love beads and lace bracelet and accesories.

I can't stop 'screaming' as I saw this Mini Austin car! I think Vintage pin up is so nice.

I just can't stop eating Cheese cake, McDonald's and Lamb Chop!

Em... my beloved true buddy is my accoustic guitar.

I love eating kind of this stuff when I feel boring especially when I'm in office.
*all pictures grabbed from Deviant Art
This post is dedicated especially to my old friend; Zahin.
P/s: I haven't change a lot I guess. (^,^)

Evolution of Advertisement 1900's - 2000's


What a great evolution. I found these collection at Found in Mom's Basement where you can see all the vintage collection especially for printing and advertising. I felt like back to the future!

Vintage Addict

I found this collection somewhere at Uppercase and I think these are so nice. I love collecting tins so I can keep my tiny brooch in it. But these, they are so pretty...OMG!

.:Things I do each time I reach my office:.

.:Things I do each time I reach my office:.

  1. Saying "Good morning" to everyone

  2. Punch my card

  3. Switch off my mp4 player

  4. Sms my Noorman and telling him that I've arrived

  5. Turn to my PC

  6. Check my Yahoo!Mail

  7. Check my updated friend's blogs and leave comments

  8. Check my official email

  9. Check the Deviant Art and finally

  10. Start working...

I took Diploma in Multimedia and so into arts and creative stuffs but now I work as a Sales & Marketing Assistant in a property company which I'm responsible in handling all the booking services and preparing the agreement letters. It does sound boring and not related to my course at all but I think I start to love my job.

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