Monday, November 30, 2009

The Cave of the Golden Rose (Phantaghiro)

I spent my night watching a great movie; Cave of the Golden Rose (Phantagiro). It was published on 1991 (Phantagiro I) and 1996 (Phantagiro II).

It’s a great story… it’s a fairy tale story, with princesses and princes, fairy godmother, talking animals, castles and wars with love stories, adventures and so many things which is out of our imagination.

I’ve watch this movie before, long ago when I was a kid and this fairy tale story is the best I ever seen.

So, here’s the simple synopsis about this story: (grabbed from Wikipedia)

Fantaghirò is the youngest of three princesses born to a warrior King. Although she is beautiful and smart, she causes many problems for her family because she goes against everything expected for a woman in her kingdom, by being adventurous and rebellious, and knowing how to read, which makes her father furious. One day, the warrior King receives an invitation from the enemy king Romualdo to a duel that can potentially end the centuries-long war that has been going on between the two kingdoms. The warrior king then learns that only one of his three daughters can win the duel. Fantaghirò sees this as a chance for her to prove herself.

There are many parts of this movie, Part 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. But I only have until part 2. After all, this movie is the best.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Eyes

I went to optical shop yesterday and check my eye's degrees. Well, just for fun and check how far it goes. But what surprising me, the girl said I need glasses already. My eyes are getting worst than during I checked it few months ago. I never though that. My left eyes sight degree went 2.00 than I remembered before was only 1.25. While my right eyes were 1.25 now! They said I need to wear glasses!

But dear me... Do I really need it? Yes, I do have migraine and it’s really annoying me. I do face computer 8 hours a day in office and home sometimes. It’s true, computer is my life. But, as I linger around the shop yesterday, none of the design caught my interest. I hate glasses.

Since I know how to play with make-ups especially eye shadows, now I learn how to appreciate the beauties in me (lol). I don’t want to wear glasses, never! A contact-lens? I can’t… I have a sinus and I think I’m kind of allergic things in my eyes. Contact-lens is also a troublesome for me.

Yes, eating healthy food? Carrots and vegetables? That’s mean I have to cook by myself. I love vegetables but not really carrots. Once in a while… But please… I just DON’T WANT TO WEAR GLASSES. hm

p/s: Look at my beautiful eyes above... (LOL) If i wear glasses, that's mean no use of my eye shadow!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I live in Malaysia - Borneo - Sabah

I'm in a mood of writing about my place, Sabah.

Malaysia is a neighbour of Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and Philippines inside Asia.

This is the close-ups of Malaysia map, I'm in Borneo Island which is a combination of Indonesia, Sarawak Brunei and Sabah while Noorman were in Peninsular Malaysia near Thailand border. See how far we are now!

This is the close-ups of Sabah in the Borneo Island. I'm in Sandakan area (on the east of Sabah). While I studied at Kota Kinabalu on the West of Sabah. That's the time when I met Noorman. He lived there too that time.

This is the map of Sabah labeled with interesting places to visit. Its true, Sabah do have a lot adveture places to visit. If you like natures and mountain and jungle, Sabah is a great place for you! Many National Geographic's crew came here for research. See, you can see Sandakan (place where I am now) and Kota Kinabalu (place where I met Noorman).

------------------- .: The Mountain of Kinabalu :. -------------------

Great view of Mt. Kinabalu

They about to reach the peak! Go..Go!!

Its Laban Rata stay, in a middle of Mt. Kinabalu track. Climber will stay here 1 night before continues.

Kundasang, Kinabalu view. Villagers house and farms.

Pine Resort, Kundasang, Kinabalu

This is the MUST place to visit once you arive in Sabah. You can see it on the map above. Its 4,101 meters (on 1996) and its a beautiful place for honeymoon! Click here for more detail. Mt. Kinabalu has no snow as Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

---------------------------- .: Main City of Sabah :. ----------------------------

Kota Kinabalu (Kinabalu City)

Lol! That's the cinema that Noorman and me used to go for a movie! Its a Golden Screen Cinema, facing the roundabout.

This is the best part in Kinabalu City, the Philippino Market (Pasar Pelipin). Its only open on evening till night. You can have various of Philippino foods here. Thats why they name it. Yes, 30% of Sabahan are Phil. I'm staring at this picture if there's anyone I know here! lol

lol!! My college... Cosmopoint College of Kota Kinabalu

------------------- .: Enough about Kinabalu City, now about SANDAKAN :. -------------------

Sandakan view

Locals with seafoods! Yummy!!! This is what special in Sandakan, our SEAFOOD!

Sandakan water village. You can see many houses were built on the water and I used to grow up village like this before my dad transfered to oilpalm estate.

And orang utan! Sandakan have a large Orang Utan Rehabilitation and I think its the largest in the world. Trust me...

Urm..what else?? I love my country. I love Malaysia and I love Sabah. Actually I was suppose to continue my study in Kuala Lumpur area but I object and I insist to choose Kota Kinabalu as a place for me to live 3 years away from my family. Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu is 350km away.


..and this is how our oil palm estate looks like where my dad works here for 25 years. We all grow here and its a great place to live! Peace and calm.

I think this quite long... To be continue!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

So, you like heels?

Here's some weired heels I found at Google images. LOL

This is just for photography I guess...

This heel, you can flip in the heel and make it as a flat shoe!

This is the heel-less-heel I guess. But, nice!

LOL! Fancy...


I like this one! I thought Lamborghini was a boy!

Here's another..





An origami heels

What is this? A potpurri heels? But I like it! LOL

Ridiculous baby heels!

Em..I think I like this one...

A wireframe heels


And Here's the sacrifice that you made for your beauty!

Click Picture to enlarge

But I like Katy Perry's heel in her MTV Thinking of you!

I love to dedicate this post to NaNa and Een. Enjoy!
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