Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcome 2011

2011 is just around the corner leaving this beautiful year of 2010. I wrote this post earlier because we're going to have a public holiday and I'm afraid that I have no chance to write about this at home.
Forget the hard past and create a better future.
2010 is quite good for me because in this year I got a great job; a web designer in Kota Kinabalu. In this year also I've completed my driving license and got a car accident for the first time in my life! Worked in Sandakan airport in a souvenir shop for just a month where from there I started to learn how wonderful Sandakan is. It's such a lovely memory for me.

View of my desk on my very first time working as a web designer.

Girls in Sutera. Miss you all, girls
Lot's of things happened around this year and the best part is; met my Lola for the very first time after 20 years and so many other things that I may forgotten to write it down here.

From the Airport with Lola
This coming 2011 will be another new challenge for me in this harsh life. My new year resolutions are;

  • I want to buy a car
  • Have my convocation
  • Eat more and gain weight (LOL)
  • Pray to Allah more and be a good girl
New year night plan? Nothing. As usual, as previous new year nights. Sleep and act like nothing on the brand new day on the next day. Ha ha.

Read my 2010's resolution here. Well, I have a problem to provide links that I've wrote previous days for you but I've tried to gave you some of them that I've found. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

16th Day Challenge

Good morning dreamers. I'm quite busy this lately since our big boss has arrived from their family vacation so that's mean I have to control myself in surfing the net. So here I am writing about my 16th Day Challenge; Your celebrity crush.

Wow, okay... This is one of my favorite question off all! Here's my list.

Enrique Iglesias

He's a singer and a hot Latino casanova.

But since I watch the Madrasapattinam movie, I think this Indian guy is quite hot too. Ha ha.


Whatever - He's in a middle. 
I like guys with un-shaved beard and yummy muscles and NO Korean gays, please!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tag from ASK (Abu)

I got this tag from my childhood friend, Abu but I'm sorry I can't complete question no.9 and right after it because I have no idea to whom I can tag back this because most of my followers didn't leave their links in my follower list. So here I am trying to complete this tag.

1. Adakah anda rasa anda hot? / Do you think you're a Hot person?
Erm...'hot' in what way? I don't know if I'm hot (sexy - as what I understand the meaning of hot) but of course all woman wants to be hot! Ha ha...

2. Upload wallpaper yang anda guna sekarang. / Upload your current wallpaper.

Screen 1. Currently listening to Madrasapattinam soundtrack. LOL

Screen 2
3. Cerita pasal gambar ni. / Tell something about this picture(s).

Ok, this is my current wallpaper. As you can see here there's two screens, well that's because I do use two screens in my office because a web designer needs two screens for their work tasks. It's two and it's WIDE. I believe within years, my eye sight will be worst!

I designed this wallpaper by myself and I put my signature on it and I love it. I love to use dark color as my wallpaper especially for my office's computer because it can help me to reduce too much light. But for my own personal laptop screen, I love to use this; my favorite wallpaper.

Angel on Your Bed

I use Rocket Dock for my easy access to my favorite softwares or folders. Look like Mac but it's a cool software.

That's my work desk. Sorry shaking.
4. Kali terakhir makan pizza. / Last time ate pizza.

I'm not a pizza eater but my last time ate pizza was last Christmas party in my office last 24th Decemeber.

5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar? / The last song you heard?

6. Apa yang anda buat selain selesaikan tag ini? / What do you do in addition finishing this tag?
Do my work. I'm in a office now. Hmm...

7. Selain nama sendiri, anda dipanggil dengan nama apa? / In addition to your own name, you are called by what name?

Mostly people call me Finie, but my relatives call me Pini or Kak Pini. My dad call me Dinda. Noorman's family call me Apeni or Penny. Noorman call me Sayang or munyet (mean; Monkey. Hm!). But mostly, I love people call me Finie.

Ok, done!

15th Day Challenge

I'm quite busy today but it's doesn't mean that I cant complete my 15th Day Challenge and today's question is; Something you don’t leave the house without.

Simple, I can't live the house without Hijab. I've been wearing hijab since I'm in kindergarten and I feel awkward without it. Hijab not only to protect your dignity but also to protect your hair from polluted air and harsh UV light. Lot's of hijab fashions not like old days so don't be scared to start wear hijab now because nowadays people won't say your out-of-date!

Sorry for the low quality of image, it's just a cheap junk of my Motorola
This is funny

Mount Kinabalu and the morning sunrise

Can you see the mountain? - Taken from KKIA T1 MAS Airport, Kota Kinabalu; 5.30am

The morning sunrise reflection on the glass of MAS Airport

Good morning dreamers. It's a great day today because I've watched the Madrasapattinam movie last night for another second time, thanks to Mr. Mohammad for downloading it for me and today I wake up early; about 4am to send Noorman parents to the airport, they fly back to Kedah.

Just after they enter the departure hall at 5am, Noorman and me went to airport's McDonalds to have a breakfast then we went outside the airport enjoying the morning sunrise of Kinabalu City with the glory of Mt. Kinabalu.

I met Australian tourists while enjoying the view and we had a great chat. They are on their next trip to Sandakan. I bet he's reading my blog now because I gave him this blog when he asked what I do; I'm a web designer. Sir, if you read this, feels free to drop a comment below on the 'Love Notes', thank you!

While chatting with him; he asked me a question - "Which one does I like the best, Kota Kinabalu or Sandakan?” It's a good question! So, here's the answer;

I'm originally from Sandakan but currently work in Kota Kinabalu. I love both but mostly Sandakan not because I'm a Sandakan people but because I love history and all the past stories during the British Colony in Borneo and also interested with Agnes Keith book; "Land Below the Wind" stories. So, Sandakan is the best place to get them all.

I was so touched with the history of Sandakan Memorial Park and I love the English style in Agnes Keith House in Sandakan. Plus, I'm in a dreamy mood right after I watched the Madrasapattinam movie which is filmed based on the history of Chennai, India during the British Colony. Oh, so~ dreamy.

Monday, December 27, 2010


A beautiful English lady in a Tamil movie
Amy Jackson in Tamil movie
Oh beloved, 
no one has seen the moment flowers blossom
After dawn the full moon will not go away
Till yesterday, 

time would not go by, 
and now when with you,
 it is not enough

I didn't say anything today, 

don't feel like saying anything, 
don't know why

My Love, 

the nights are not getting over, 
if it did, the days seem endless
We don't need words, 

our eyes will talk to each other till we live
We don't need yesterday or tomorrow, 

all we need is this very moment

Without roots, 

without seeds, 
without the sky pouring rain, 
see his garden is flourishing

Without sword, 
without struggle,
 without the painful wars, 
see his Love is winning me

This hesitation is filling my heart, 

where will it end
Where will we get the explanation for this, 
if you get it, tell me as well

Oh where would I be without this joy inside of me
It makes me want to come alive
It makes me want to fly into the sky
Oh where would I be if I didn't have you next to me

Which is this cloud, 

who came to my doors to pour the shower
What is this relation, 

without understanding where is it leading
Without know who it is, 

Without knowing the name, 
I feel connected to him

Without asking why, 

though tried didn't stop, 
my heart follows his path
Though the road ends, 

the journey in the world will not end
Even after the bird disappeared in the sky, 

the dance started by the leaf will not stop
What is this

Source: Here


14th Day Challenge

I wrote this post a bit late since I wrote more about other stuffs in my previous post. So here's my 14th Day Challenge today; A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

This is funny because I didn't watch TV a lot but I try to make a list here.

National Geographic that gives so thousand of information

Discovery Channel - love it so much!

History Channel that gives you stuffs about historical things all around this earth
I love National Geographic channel, Discovery Channel and anything that related to sci-fi stuffs. I love to watch shows that can give information rather than just watching it with nothing. I hate Indonesian drama but I loved one of them, sometimes.

Oh, I forgot! I used to addicted with this TV Show; Mula sa Puso, a tagalog drama, it's about 8 years ago. From this, I started to addict with all those Tagalog actors such as Late Rico Yan.

Mula sa Puso

Late Rico Yan - He's damn cute!

500 Blogs

500 Blogs

My name is Affinie A. Ramos and mostly call me as Finie. I'm a web and graphic designer for almost 6 years and I have a good sight in art.

Finie @ Work
I've been blogging for three years (if I'm not mistaken) to share arts and inspiration all around the earth. I wrote dreamy things here and mostly inspired by dreamers from Australia and New Zealand.

Most of my articles are linked to Deviantart and Etsy also from my sponsors that you can see in Sponsor banner on the right side of my page. I share my dreamy feelings here for most of the time but in a same time I also do some research to add more spices in my blog (especially things about Borneo, Sabah and how I proud to be Sabahan).

You can get lots and lots of treasures in my blog! Keep digging and happy reading!

I'm a Sabahan Blogger - Proud to be Sabahan

Happy Monday morning to all my dreamers. Oh, look at that entry's title; I'm a Sabahan Blogger. Ok, I write this to join a contest that I got from my old fellow friend; Abu in his latest blog entry. Since I followed his blog, I got a LOT of Malaysian blogging information! Thanks to him!

This contest is about promoting your blog more to Malaysian bloggers outside there by writing about your blog and yourself. So here's mine.

My name is Finie. My status is 'engaged' and unavailable (LOL). You can contact me through my blog or my email; or my Deviantart ID or my Facebook.

Now I'm currently live in Kota Kinabalu but grew up in Lahad Datu for 17 years and I'm originally from Sandakan. My current home is in Sepanggar, Kota Kinabalu and Taman Airport, Sandakan.

What is interesting about my place(s) - I'm so lucky because I know these places so well and proud to be part of them.

Sandakan's aerial view
It's the city where I born. Sandakan is the second largest city in Sabah. Used to be under British colony 100 years ago right after the Sultan Sulu 'pawned' Sandakan to the English people (adapted by old folks stories). Before using 'Sandakan' as it's name, the Englishman used to named it as Elopura means Beautiful Town. Sandakan also have it English name which is called as Mayburgh (not many people know about this English name) during the era of British colony. It is also known as Little Hong Kong because Sandakan peoples are almost Chinese in majority especially the old folks!
Sandakan Memorial Park
The best thing in Sandakan for me is Sandakan Memorial Park which have witnessed the death of approximately 2400 Australian and British prisoners of war held by the Japanese in the Sandakan POW camp, within the sight of Allied victory in the Pacific war. I love this place the most! Read my journal about Sandakan Memorial Park here.

Then we have Sepilok Rehabilitation Center of Orang Utan. To be frank with you, it is the largest Orang Utan's rehabilitation center in the world! Sandakan is known as City in Nature where you get a ticket to see real wilds and greens and blue oceans. Read here to know more about the wilds in Sabah.

Sepilok Rehabilitation Center
We also have Turtle Island or Selingan Island, the crystal ocean island for turtle to breed. It is famous as Sipadan Island in Semporna. My grandmother used to work there as a chef cook in Selingan Island! We have another historic Island called Berhala Island, the place where the Japanese prisoned all the English peoples during the II World War era and it is also known as the place where Japanese throw all the Leprosy patients and violently left them dead there (scary, huh?).

Crystal clear of Selingan Island

The historic island of Berhala

Agnes Keith Tea House
Sandakan is also the place of Agnes Keith House, the house of a wife of Conservator of Forests and Director of Agriculture for the government of North Borneo under the British Chartered Company. She is the one who named Sabah as Land Below the Wind and she wrote books about her life in Borneo which now listed as the best journal book about Sabah (I've red it once and it's really great).

There's lots more to see in Sandakan because Sandakan is the real place to see the history of Sabah since Sandakan is the first main city of Sabah after it moved from Kudat in 1883 then lastly moved to Kota Kinabalu in 1946. Sandakan is so historic and Vintage! It is also one of the 'Seafoods Heaven' in Sabah! I got lots more to share about Sandakan but later on, I guess.

Lahad Datu
Lahad Datu aerial view
Lahad Datu is just a small town but much bigger than Kunak and Seporna but it is the fourth largest city in Sabah. It's just about 2 hours drive from Sandakan and it's in between Sandakan and Kunak. During the British colony, Lahad Datu was marked with the name of Mayne (not many people know about this English name).
Foggy Danum Valley

Not much to see in the town but it is the link for you to get into one of the greenest spot in the world that is The Great Danum Valley where you can see most endangered and uncommon wilds there! You can watch them in most of National Geographic segments and it's really made me proud to be Sabahan!

Read more in my entry about I'm proud to be Sabahan.

My blog writes about sharing arts and inspirations. Well, I'm a girl with thousand imagination that gives inspiration to everyone. That is what Finie Ramos blog about. I got an inspiration to keep writing these from lots of international bloggers outside there especially a dreamer bloggers from Australia and New Zealand (see my sponsor links on the right side).

That's all about me and my blog and I will keep writing! Happy reading!

Gosh! It's my longest entry I guess!

Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm A Wasaber

This is for the "Blog of the Month" contest for December edition at We Are Sabahan Bloggermania blog and here is my Wasaber.

Finie Ramos  WSB with Angelic Theme - Photo taken at Sandakan Memorial Park
I met WSB from my old childhood friend - Abu Sopian and officially joined WSB on the 8th December 2010, (not yet sharp 1 month as a Wasabers). 

Then, the greatest thing happened to me in WSB although I haven't reach the long period in this group. That is; I'm also officially chosen to be the WSB admin on 16th December 2010 (just 1 week joined WSB and which is not easy to get that honor - thank you so much, admin) to be responsible in writing a post about Web Designing Tips right in the official blog of WSB.

I got an honor to write things in WSB blog
Just like other WSBs, my follower increased as I joined WSB and I also got some new friends around from WSB's blog and WSB's Facebook group. Then, from newly addicted to Facebook, I addicted back to blogging and share more and more arts and love all around!

I never thought that Sabahan got such a wonderful community group that can link each other with love and friendship. I never thought that Sabahan bloggers are such a wonderful and imaginative bloggers. I never thought that Sabahan is such a great people!

I love Wasaber, I love Sabah and proud to be Part of Them! Congratulation Wasaber (especially the Admin for creating such a wonderful place to meet all these wonderful peoples).

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