Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back to the Sea

I know this is crazy! Hahaha... this is just for fun. Uploaded to my Deviantart and got 3 fans (at least) added to their favorites in few seconds! Wow, this is funny...

Here's the original photos;

Me at Sandakan Memorial Park

 Ocean grabbed by savethecows at Deviantart

My supporters in Deviantart

Aww..this is touching... Thank you very much to all my supporters in Deviantart and here as well. Although I didn't really get paid by uploading my stuffs there and here, but being watched and favorites is a big honored for me... Thanks again! I love you all.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He saw a ghost!'s another of my photo-manipulation game. Already submitted to my Deviantart gallery.

This is our picture in Sandakan Memorial Park Museum last weekend. From left; Iza, Kak Tasha, Fizul and Uncle Eden.

Angel Me

This is cute... I made it today and if you look at it closely, it's me! Hahah..I made it using Adobe Photoshop and I also submitted it to my Deviantart. Here's the original photos...

 Me at Sandakan Memorial Park

... and the original forest picture I grabbed from Sheckler05 at Deviantart

Monday, April 26, 2010

My sister @ Deviantart

My sister, Iza already joined the Deviantart yesterday. She's good in photography and she's 17 years old. Her talent appeared since she was 11 years old and most of her photos in her Deviantart gallery was taken when she was just 11 years old!

Check out her stuffs at her Deviantart!

Sandakan War Memorial Park

 It's me at the Sandakan Memorial stone with fresh flowers after the Anzac Day for the memorial ceremony.

That's us, picnic near the pond in the Sandakan Memorial park

From left; Iza, Aunt Ola, me, Mom, Lola and Kak Tasha

Inside the memorial museum - from left; Fizul, Aunt Ola, Iza , Kak Tasha and me.

With Australian tourists; they are all nice!

That's Uncle Eden, with Malaysian, Australian, Britain and New Zealand's flag

Things that you can see in the park

We went to picnic last Sunday at Sandakan War Memorial Park and what ashamed was; we all didn't know that we missed the Anzac Day ceremony on the early of the day! Geez, if only we come early, we can see the whole ceremony.
It's a great place to visit especial for Australian. Here is some cool stuff you have to read about this park;


AUSTRALIA (commonly known as the ANZAC forces from their role with New Zealand during the First World War) played a significant role in Borneo during the Second World War. Sandakan was the place where the many Australians spent time in a prisoner of war camp, and was the starting point for the infamous death marches to Ranau.  

After the fall of Singapore and Borneo to the Japanese, a prisoner of war camp was established just outside of Sandakan to house approximately 750 British and more than 1650 Australian prisoners who were sent to the camp during the period 1942-43. In 1945, when the Japanese started to realise that the war may have been lost, and the Allies were closing in, the emaciated prisoners were force marched, in three separate marches, to the village of Ranau in the jungle, 250 km away, under the shadows of Mount Kinabalu. On 28 January, 1945, 470 prisoners set off, with only 313 arriving in Ranau. On the second march, 570 started from Sandakan, but only 118 reached Ranau. The third march which comprised the last of the prisoners from the Sandakan camp contained 537 prisoners. Prisoners who were unable to walk were shot. The march route was through virgin jungle infested with crocodiles, snakes and wild pigs, and some of the prisoners had no boots. Rations were less than minimal. The march took nearly a year to complete.

Once the surviving prisoners arrived in Ranau, they were put to work carrying 20 kg sacks of flour over very hilly terrain to Paginatan, over 40 km away. By the end of July, 1945, there were no prisoners left in Ranau.
Only six Australians of the 2400 prisoners survived the "death march" - they survived because they were able to escape from the camp at Ranau, or escaped during the march from Sandakan. No British prisoners survived.   

This part of the war is considered by many to be the worst atrocity ever suffered by Australian soldiers, and compares to the atrocities of the Burma Railway, where fewer Australian POW's lost their lives.
Those that survived the ordeal of the march, did so only because they escaped into the jungle where they were cared for by local natives.
An Australian Memorial honouring the survivors, POW's, local civilians who help to clandestinely feed the prisoners, and soldiers who perished at Sandakan and during the death marches into the jungle, has been erected at what was the Prisoner of War Camp in Taman Rimba close to the city of Sandakan. There are just a couple of rusting bits of machinery around, and the place has an eerie air about it.
The Sandakan Prisoner of war camp has now been transformed into a very beautiful park with a pavilion on site which houses the history of this very tragic period.
Click here to visit the official site of Sandakan War Memorial Park

This story is really touching. Thousand words I cannot share here...

Friday, April 23, 2010

iNeedChemicalX @ Deviantart

She's just 15 years old from Romania and she got a great sight thru lenses.
Meet her, at Deviantart.

New species found in Borneo

A long tailed slug & a lungless frog

"This WWF Malaysia photo shows a long-tailed slug, Ibycus rachelae, that uses "love darts" made of calcium carbonate to pierce and inject a hormoneinto a mate to increase the chances of reproduction, in an unknown location in the "Heart of Borneo", in a remote area of dense, tropical rainforest that borders Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei." (AFP/HO/File/Peter Koomen)

"This WWF Malaysia photo shows a seven-centimetre flat-headed frog, known as the "Barbourula kalimantanensis", discovered in 2008 and which breathesentirely through its skin instead of lungs, in an unknown location in the "Heart of Borneo", in a remote area of dense, tropical rainforest that borders Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei." (AFP/File/David Bickford)
A brightorange, almost flame-like snake

"This undated photo released by the World Wildlife Fund shows a Dendrelaphis kopsteini, one of the new discoveries in Borneo, a snake that has a brightorange, almost flame-like, neck coloration that gradually fuses into an extraordinary iridescent and vivid blue, green and brown pattern. When threatened it flares its nape, revealing bright orange colors. A lung-less frog, a frog that flies and a slug that shoots love darts are among 123 new species discovered in Borneo since 2007, the result of a three-nation project backed by the WWF to conserve one of the oldest rainforests in the world."
(AP Photo/World Wildlife Fund, Gernot Vogel, HO)

"Phobaeticus chani", the world's longest stick insect measuring 56.7cm in lenght (with the body of 35.7cm)

"This WWF Malaysia photo shows the "Phobaeticus chani", the world's longest stick insect measuring 56.7cm in lenght (with the body of 35.7cm),with only three specimens of the creature have ever been found, discovered near Gunung Kinabalu Park, in the "Heart of Borneo", in the tropical rainforest that borders Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei." (AFP/HO/File/Orang Asli)

Hey! That's my country...

"Graphic on new species found on a 220,000-square-kilometre tropical rainforest that borders Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, according to conservation groupWWF Thursday."

Adapted by Yahoo!News; New Species Found in Borneo

I'm proud to be Malaysian! Lots to discover.
Read more about my Borneo HERE

::Love our earth. Love our nature::

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Welcome to my world

I joined Blog Lovin and 'little known lovelies' award trying to share my tiny thoughts to the world and thank you very much to Erimentha and Liss for this wonderful idea. I also want to give a hug to Selma, my newly follower. This is so wonderful for me.

Welcome to my tiny world everyone.

Photos; M0thttkku - one of my favorite photographer in Deviantart

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jimmy Choo

Good day friends! Today I love to share some amazing collections of Jimmy Choo. I know everyone knows him but do you know that he's a Chinese man from Malaysia? A Penang boy and now he's one of the famous designer. He is also one of late Lady Diana's favorite shoe designer. Wow, proud to be Malaysian.

Here, another pic of me and Noorman during our dinner in Sandakan Waterfront, 13th April. Miss him!

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