Friday, June 25, 2010

Girl again!

I'm working part time in a new place (for a while) and...omg... I felt young again! Hanging with giggling girls and screaming out and laugh out loud. This is pretty crazily-cute stuffs to hang around once a while.

Meantime, I sigh deeply under my breath and realizing how I AM old enough now and those pretty moments are all already left behind few years ago like; 'Hello-oo, Finie... you are 22 now!'... Geez, that's pretty scary huh..

Whatever girls! Let me enjoy some of my left moments being a teenage girl for a few while.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Most Endangered Animals in the World

Since I watched National Geographic and read and write about animals a lot, I started to realize that there is something that we didn't really care about in our everyday life but in fact, it's a thing that we have to take it seriously.

Here is the Most Endangered Animals in the World and surprisingly 5 endangered animals among 17 animals are from Malaysia! They are;

Sumatran Rhinos, which mostly only can be found in Tabin Wildlife Reserved in Lahad Datu area, Borneo. "Sumatran rhinos are listed on IUCN’s Red List as critically endangered" - WWF.
I heard that there is only less than 50 Sumatran Rhinos left in world!

The rest are; Orang Utan (Sepilok Rehabilitation Center, Sandakan Sabah),  

Asian Elephant (which is known as The smallest elephant in the world and only can be found at Tabin Wildlife Reserved as well)

Turtle (Turtle Island, Sandakan Sabah),

and Asian Tiger (mostly in Malaysia Peninsular).

 My-o-my... this is a very sad news for our earth especially Malaysia. Let's save our greens!

Source; WWF , World Interesting Fact and Google

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I cut my hair

I kept my long hair almost 2 years and today I've cut it short. I can't stand with all the sweat and too-hot tropical weather nowadays.

I know how much I love that long and curly hair as I always expressed on my drawings, but what else can I do, Mothernature didn't allow me to have them so... that's it...

Noorman kept reminds me not to cut too short. Ok-ok... I won't. So now, I got nice and short pony-tail. Aww...

 My hair used to be like this (a bit) before..Long and curly (and fall...hmm)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My lola fly back to Phil

Lola waving at us

Waiting the calling

Noorman, Lola and me...She love our relationship very much! Thanks lola...

My lola went back to Phil via AirAsia airplane on the 3rd June 2010 after having a great days with us for two months after 22 years old leaving Malaysia.

My lola is a great person. She was a teacher in Sabah during the British era in our land and she got her pension on 1988 (my birth year). Until today, the Malaysian government still pay her pension through Malaysian ambassador in Philippines. It's a long story to tell here.

Although this is my 1st time meeting her after 20 years, I've learn some of her personality. She's a talk-active and friendly person. Like what she always said, a teacher must be a very talk-active person! Yes, I can see that on her and I got that too in myself (hahaha). She's a very wide and open minded old lady and she's a also a very loving person especially as a grandmother.

I love when she said 'ba-bahu' ' or in proper Malay we say it berbau or smelly. Or she always said 'aku tidak peduli itu..' or 'aku tidak tahu itu...' which mean 'I don't care that...' or 'I don't know that...' with her cute expression. I also remember when she said to me; 'tinggi sudah kuku mu itu' or 'your nails are high enough!'... ops! Hahaha...isn't that cute!

She love to smile and she's always cute at all time! Trust me... she is the cutest grandma I've ever seen and yet, she's my grandma!

May Allay protect her life and bring her together with us again in her next vacation. She promised that!

Miss na miss kita, lola!

P/s: This is my cute picture with Noorman taken in the airport during lola depature.
By the way, I got a lot of photos to share, but my internet connection is sucks and it took hours  to upload a single photo! Next time...

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