Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy 4th Anniversary

This photo took during our 1st date to movie watching The Transformers; 2007

Our very-very first photo together. Took by our college friend using her cellphone, Siti
She said we were sweet together so we should have a photo together! I think that time we wasn't officially couple. Lol 

God blessed, it's our 4th year anniversary today and I'm so happy that we've passed everything along these years patiently together (although sometimes we both stubborn in certain situations) and still in love until today and forever.

Sayang, I love you! xoxox

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday Karaoke!

We went out to have a great Sunday with Noorman's cousins and we really have a great time together!

Me on the very left side, Linda (Man's girlfriend), Kak Emma, Noorman and Arnel.

Look at that! LOL

...and again! Seem's like I'm the one who control the mic! The pink shirt is Ika, Kak Emma's niece and Arnel; duet with me.


Ok! I'm done!

Kak Emma, me and Noorman

That's Man(the sponsor for this karaoke) with his girlfriend...and Kak Emma, Man's sister.


Ok, time to go home!

Aunties ask us to go to the market and buy some veggies and fishes for our dinner. So that's why we forced to go home earlier; about 6.30pm. Duh! I know it's aren't fun enough.. Need to work on the the next morning!

My Everyday Morning Journal

Happy Monday morning everyone!

My daily road to office in the morning. I love this road; Teluk Likas (Likas Bay) where you can see the Bukit Bendera (Flag Hill ~ or something) on the left side of the road and the sea side of the Likas Bay on the right side with the glory of sunrise light. Hmm...

I'm a bit exhausted today; it's MONDAY and I haven't got enough rest last weekend. In fact, I need more sleep. So, to avoid lateness to office, I didn't put my make up at home, besides in the car! That's what I usually do in my everyday morning to work.

I don't have enough time to stare my face in my bedroom mirror because I used my few minutes morning to cook for our lunch box and prepare our breakfast (it took about 45 minutes), then take an express shower, put on my clothes, have a rush breakfast and heat the car engine. So, there you go...

1. Me without make up

2. Put on a UV cream ~ OLAY

3. Some face powder

4. Some eye liner from LOREAL

5. A NIVEA lip-balm and MAYBELINE lipstick

6. DONE ~ just a very SIMPLE makeup

A very helpful magic mirror

...and thanks a lot to Noorman for this successful morning! ^_^ 

I know, this is so funny! Hahah...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

One Month Journal

It's a writing about a 5 days journal back to Lahad Datu and Sandakan, visiting families and old school; SK Sandau by a HOMESICK girl.

First of all I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MY MOM. It's her 44th birthday today and I MISS HER SO MUCH!!!!

Mom during our vacation to Kundasang last June

It's been almost a month I'm away; yes I admit it. So here's the story...

I went back to mom's house in Sandakan on last 8th September to celebrate Eid and went back to Kota Kinabalu on 12th September and start working back on 14th September. It's a short holiday with a huge love to share and I'm feeling so HOMESICK now! (*sob*)

Here's some of the photos of my journal...

I'm in the bus on the way back to Lahad Datu for 6 hours and 400km journey. The bus was so full with passengers and I felt the journey was like more than 6 hours!

This photos was taken during the Eid morning about 6 o'clock, in my dad's place; in the oil palm plantation of Jalan Jeroco (Jeroco Road) of Lahad Datu. I haven't been here for 2 years. Although I didn't grew up here, but I love the smell of the estate ground and the non-stop singing birds.

It's me during the Eid morning while waiting the others to get prepared for the celebration. We planned to visit some friends around the estate and drive back to Sandakan; about 3 hours and 100km drive.

This is me and my sister in our way back to Sandakan. Then, we dropped by to a place that we love the most....

... Our SCHOOL!!! I used to schooled here since standard 1 until standard 6 (2nd grade until 6th grade). My sisters and brother also schooled here right until their 6th grade as well.

Surprisingly, there's a lot of changes around our beloved school; SK Sandau. The school spent about a million ringgit for the new school buildings and... everything change! (I will write about this school later on my next writing).

Then passed by the Kinabatangan River with a beautiful scenery of a lovely estate area. The oil palm plantation scenes aren't really look like those above. I didn't shoot the real views. Those above are the scenes of a 're-planting the trees' season. That's why there's look like no trees at all.

...and, waaa-laaaa! We're home! Mom decorate those all alone! She made the curtain herself and other stuffs for the Eid celebration while we all aren't home(thanks mom! We love you so much!)... OMG, I'm g-damn HOMESICK now! (*sob* again).

How I miss my friends! By the way, that's Stich, my brother's present for his prize winning for his animation contest, (watch his animation HERE and see the credit, there's my name there!) and that's my Enga!!! I miss him so much!

Then in the 2nd Eid day, we went to Aunt Anna's house for a family gathering and I met my really-really closed cousin - Amoy. We're together since the beginning of our lives but now she's working in Kuala Lumpur and went back to Sandakan occasionally. We haven't met for 2 years (I guess).

Rainbow falling in Jalan Sulaman, Kota Kinabalu right after my short-lovely holiday in Sandakan; GOSH, I'M HOMESICK!

14th Sept, start working back and everything went back to normal...(*sigh*)

That's Rodney, our IT Technician fixing my PC in the office... (*sigh* again)

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