Monday, January 31, 2011

Lace is Dreamy

Lace is such a wonderful piece of art, wasn't it?

Me in laced version.

Chinese New Year @ Gaya Street

Oh, how could I forgot to write about last Friday at Gaya Street, KK town?

It's a Chinese New Year market with fireworks!

And that's Noorman.

Look how crowded it was.

We parked here, next to Atkinson Memorial Clock Tower at Bukit Bendera.
Oh, I was so amazed with this 100 years old tower!
That night, we met saw the prime minister of Malaysia; he went there for the grand opening of Chinese New Year market at Gaya Street and he was just next to us but since it was so damn crowded, we don't have a chance to shake hands with him and Noorman was so damn upset! Haha... We don't even have a chance to take his photo since our camera phone aren't that good enough!

But Gaya Street is the best place in Kota Kinabalu Town. Trust me!

Ps: Remind me to write about what I got there that night right on my next post, ok!

Today I was like; dreamy

I saw the sky was so white. 

As white as a fluffy white blanket. 

How I wish I could lay down 

and start dreaming about the fairy tales.

Today, for the second time I take a dawn nap at KKIA airport after sending Noorman's cousin to the airport. It's seems like I don't have enough rest since we went out very late last night and in this working day of Monday; I was like so dreamy.

Just click on the photo(s) to view the credits.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

30th Day Challenge - The Last Challenge!

Oh, it's been a month I write about myself for this 30 Days Challenge and today is the last challenge; A photograph of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days. So here they go.

For the past 30 days, of course there's so many things happened. Good, bad, happy, sad, and every day I learn new things to grow mature. I met new good friends, found nice places blogs to hang out, learn new things and being loved every day. That's the good things that happened in the past 30 days.

Sometimes life seems so hard but 
when you face it with smile, 
it will make it a bit better.

Have a nice day, dreamers...

A photo of myself this morning - On the way to work

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Love story of 1940s

The love story begin
with an emotional moments

when at time he needs to go

for a very hard heart duty

that he never imagine

in a different world

and a very hard life...

With his lonely heart
and how bad he missed his lady that so far away,

he thinks; will he ever survive and come back home for his loved one?

No... He never return home...

Have you ever imagine how hard was the love stories during the past? I do and each time I try to imagine it, I will feel so touch with it. How could it happened to them and how would they live with it?

Dedicated to POW, Sandakan Death March, Sandakan War Memorial Park.

Me at Sandakan Memorial Park during Anzac Day, 2010. My most favorite history of Borneo.

Dear Deer

Dream my dear Deer...
Take me in your dreamy forest...

29th Day Challenge

Dreamers, it's cloudy and dreamy today. But I was quite busy this morning so I got only a little time to write my 2nd last 30 Days Challenge which is sounds like; Something you could never get tired of doing. Oh, my 2nd last day?!

I never get tired to update my blog no matter how busy I am today, I will always love to steal some dreamy moments to write dreamy stuffs to share some loves with you.

You have to know that Dreams has no limits.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Love you, loved me

Love you, Loved me

My latest drawing, finished last weekend. It's still RAW and I will finish it digitally later when I have free time. I got a problem in scanning it because the scanner cannot read the edge of the paper and its cropped like this! I don't know how to fix it. Later.

Actually this is one of my sketch idea for my grand fine art project which I name it as 'Urat Dara' or Virginity; a tale about a virgin forest of Danum Valley.

It's been quite long I didn't play with my pencil and sketchbook since I'm quite busy with my digital works; editing some photos digitally using Adobe Photoshop. I really miss it. I bought a charcoal pencil and some oil paper for my art project but still feeling dreamy in finding some inspirations.

I'll post the final work for this lady in rose drawing in my next post. Happy dreaming.

I got another tag

I got another tag also from Mr. Pinung (haha, thank you very much Mr. Pinung for this funny tag!). This is actually not a tag, but an interview. Okay, give me a moment to finish this tag.

Come and read about myself

Name of your blog and reason why you use this name.
Aw, I've been asked this same question for many times! Haha! But it's okay... Finie Ramos is my blog name and I choose it because it's my name.

A URL of your blog and where does the idea of naming it came from? ? Where the idea came from? It's from Finie Ramos itself, my name.

What is the method of writing your blog content?
Like where do I got ideas in writing the contents of this blog? It's a blog of sharing arts and dreams. Usually I grabbed beautiful art or photography from Deviantart or share more love that I got from my international favorite blogs (you can see the links in My Sponsor side). 

Later I found nice handicraft site from Etsy and loved to share it here. Most of the time, I love to write about my feeling in poetic way with beautiful photography or artworks, but at this current moment, I received a number of tags and challenges from other bloggers which need my attention to write it down here.

What is your feeling when you saw someone's blog look prettier than yours while your blog doesn't look good as it?
I will feel challenged and trying my best to make my blog look great. But so far, I never meet any blog designs that makes me want to change my current blog design. I'm satisfy with what I've got so far.

When does your blog created?
It was created last March, 2009.

Who is your first blog follower?
Oh, I don't really remember that. Plus, the person didn't leave any track that I can see him back. It's anonymous.

Ok, that's it. I would love to tag it to everyone who read this. Thank you and happy reading!

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