Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Rush Sketch

"This is a very
Rush Sketch...
Actually, I feel more
comfortable to draw on
a normal piece of
paper than
on art paper.
This is cool...
I wish I can
draw more
But it
seems like
I don't have
enough time..."

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Nudity is Art - 21sx

Warning. This entry might be a bit uncomfortable of some parties.

Here's the progress. I made this last night. Fresh from oven!

Actually she's not really fully naked as you can see there's some parts I didn't finish it completely for certain reasons. Please don't judge me because I've been keeping this for so long that Nudity is Art. It's depends on you how you can accept this ideology. But He created us so perfect and we all have to admit and appreciate that.

Some more? Dare to click this? I made this long time ago but I have no guts to do it. LOL.

Once again, I'm sorry for this over exposed. 

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Wordless Wednesday 6# - Portable Stove

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Drawing Inspiration at Deviantart


My version - 2004

My version - 2009

These are not my latest drawing as you can see. But just want to share something of how I got such ideas to draw. Deviantart is the best place to get the best inspiration. Not only in drawing but everything about art! Sign up now and watch me there.

Ps: Old drawings always look uglier than the present. That's mean development! 

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspirations in a tiny room

My latest artwork so far. I have no idea what should I do to her next. So I guess this is the final touch up.

We didn't meet this weekend. So I spent my off days doing stuffs alone. It's kinda bored so I hope I have a better idea for the next coming weekend. I just miss you.

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MLTR - The Ghost of You

Summer's ended and without a trace
Time goes by, while you remain
Funny how I thought I walked on through
With my heart in one

Why do I still cry for you
Dying to get close to you
Why do I still fear to face
The ghost of you

How I tried to get you off my mind
But you return, all the time
I believed I could just let you go
Like the fool I am

I've been trying to release you
To get my feet back on the ground
Still I need my hope to hold on to
Even if I know I should back away
It's just a part of me that I can't erase

Baby, why?
Anyway I try I'm still reminded
The ghost of you
Anywhere I go I keep colliding with
The ghost of you
I've given up I just can't fight it
The ghost of you

Every time I look away I see
The ghost of you


Musim panas berakhir tanpa bekas
Masa berlalu sementara kau masih kekal
Lucu apabila ku fikirkan bahawa aku telah melaluinya
Dengan hati ku pada satu

Mengapa aku masih tangisi mu
Bermatian untuk mendekati mu
Mengapa aku masih takut  untuk berhadapan
Dengan bayangan mu

Betapa aku telah berusaha untuk mengeluarkan mu dari minda ku
Tetapi kau kembali, setiap waktu
Aku percaya aku mampu melepaskan mu
Seperti kebodohan ku

Aku telah berusaha untuk melepaskan mu
Untuk mengembalikan kaki ku ke tanah
Masih mengharapkan harapan ku untuk bergantung
Walaupun aku tahu aku harus mengelak
Ia hanyalah separuh dari diriku yang tidak mampu ku padam

Sayang, mengapa?
Sebagaimana cara aku cuba aku masih kenangkan
Bayangan mu
Kemana ku pergi aku tetap bertembung dengan
Bayangan mu
Aku mengalah, aku tidak mampu melawan
Bayangan mu

Setiap kali aku mengalihkan pandangan ku aku melihat
Bayangan mu...

Ps: Thanks for singing this song for me through the phone last night. You are so sweet and adorable. I love you.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

911 - All I want is you (with Malay Translation)

Baby, I've tried but I can't help myself
Can't disguise the way I fell inside
I'm falling so helplessly it's true
I close my eyes and believe completely
That I can feel you touching my skin so tenderly
Come morning light just the victim of fantasy

Every time I close my eyes
You just disappear you say goodbye,
Baby, I'd do anything to make you mine
Oh, it's true

All I want is you
I'll give my heart and soul
All I want is you
I'll be there when you call
All I wanna do
Is make love to you
All I want is you...

I can't sleep 'til the last star leaves the sky
With every beat of my heart
I wanna make you mine
I'm praying you feel the same way too

Tell me that you hear my call tonight
Oh you can bring this dream to life
Baby, I'd do anything to make you mine
Oh it's true

All you got to do is believe in me
You'll find sanctuary
Just one chance is all I need to prove that you and I
Are forever meant to be

All I want is you...

911 - All I want is you

Sayang, aku telah berusaha tetapi aku tidak mampu membantu diri ku sendiri,
Tidak dapat untuk menyembunyikan perasaan ku di dalam
Benar aku terjatuh, lemah
Aku menutup mata ku dan amat mempercayainya
Bahawa aku dapat merasakan sentuhan lembut mu
Cahaya matahari pagi hanyalah mangsa fantasi

Setiap kali aku memejamkan mata ku
Kau terus hilang mengatakan selamat tinggal
Sayang, aku akan lakukan apa sahaja untuk membuatkan kau milik ku

Apa yang ku mahukan hanyalah dirimu
Kan ku berikan hati dan jasad ku
Apa yang ku mahukan hanyalah dirimu
Aku akan berada di situ setiap kali kau memerlukanku
Apa yang ku mahukan hanyalah dirimu
Untuk bercinta dengan mu
Apa yang ku mahukan hanyalah dirimu...

Aku tidak dapat terlelap sehingga bintang terakhir meninggalkan langit
Dengan setiap denyutan jantung ku
Aku mahu menjadikanmu milik ku
Aku berdoa agar kau pun merasakannya jua

Beritahu ku bahawa kau dapat mendengar panggilan ku malam ini
Kau telah membuatkan mimpi ini nyata
Sayang, akan ku lakukan apa sahaja demi menjadikan kau milik ku

Apa yang harus kau lakukan hanyalah percaya padaku
Kau akan memiliki perlindungan
Hanya satu peluang yang aku perlukan untuk membuktikan padamu bahawa
Kita adalah tercipta untuk bersama selamanya

Apa yang ku mahukan hanyalah dirimu...

By the way, this picture really reminds me of my Misai! LOL

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1st Contest by Finie Ramos - The Prizes!

My 1st contest are still running and thanks for those who already submit their links. For those who not yet submit or not even notice about it, click here to view the contest.

So here's the prizes you gonna win! BUT PLEASE TAKE NOTE THAT ALL PRIZES HERE ARE JUST A SAMPLE BECAUSE THOSE STUFFS GONNA BE TOTALLY HANDMADE! So you might be surprise if once you got the prize, it'll be totally different than below. I'll try my best to upload the real prizes later.

100% Handmade with REAL drawing of mine on it

Framed 100% handmade drawing with real lace on it

Photo printed bookmarks with real lace on it

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