Friday, July 29, 2011

My Birthday Lunch Party

Just went out for a lunch with office's friends and surprisingly they sang the Happy Birthday song to me and gave me this OMG white box! Thank you everyone! You are so kind! Its stuffed with lots and lots of crumpled papers and finally I got this! Hahaha! So adorable!

It's a nail cutter with pink Japanese fish flag (as I remember its a Japanese belief to use it during one of their traditional celebration day to make a wish).

It's not about the tiny adorable nail cutter but the signatures on it! Thanks everyone! You guys are so cool!

These are some epic and adorable photos of the day! It's a great day!

Every Friday we will wear a same color and this week we choose pink. So adorable, aren't we?

Girls group. Mostly pink and we look so adorable.

Location: Warung Penjara, Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu.

These are the hilarious guys!


Just as adorable as we are.

.:: Thank you everyone! ::.

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Happy Birthday to Me

Thank you so much for the wishes! I love you all. Thanks for mom and dad for giving me such a wonderful life and beautiful house with adorable sisters and brother. Thanks to all my friends where ever you are. You are so epic! Thanks to my beloved heart for being such a wonderful man of mine. Most of all, thanks Allah for giving me this beautiful life and age.

.:: I love you all so much! ::.

Go ~ Go Leo! (hehe...just ignore that red jersey)
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

23rd Wishlist

My 23rd is just around the corner so here's my wishlist. Click on the image if you wish to spend some of your penny in your credit card for me to view the source.

I've been craving them for quite long and I'm hoping that I got salary increment this month I may get them or at least one (especially the Hush Puppies, the third image). The leather bag (first image) quite craved too, while the necklace would be the third most craved of all. I can sew that leather tote bag (second image) by myself actually. I'll do that as soon I got the machine at home. While for the black abaya and the pashmina were quite wanted as well.

Actually I got a lot to list down here but so far these are what I think I really crave for (human will never feel enough with what they have). *wink

Actually (again), I don't really like being old and birthday is not something fun for me. But in a good way, I celebrate being old as a big thanks to Him and my parents, my sisters and brothers, family and friends and also my man for giving me such a wonderful life and enough loves and cares (geez! I think this words are too early to write on! Shame on me). Okay, this is just a wishlist for tomorrow

By the way, just want to share you this epic photo I found when google-ing images just now.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Desktop Wallpaper

This is my latest wallpaper for my desktop in my office. I like the drawing. So sexy. Nah, our bosses didn't really care what wallpaper we have on our screen because they let us to be more inspiring! 

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Please, don't be so discriminant. Just don't. Religion is about making the world peace. That's all.

My dad's side families are Christian while my mom's sides are Muslims also his side are Hindu. See, we are all fine together. We have no problem to share each other. We love each other and we never feel any differences among us. As long as you believe in God, nothing can let satan fool you.

Ps: I'm sorry if this photo and entry will bring few different ideologies or critics, but I love this photo. 

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Cute GIF Tuxedo Cat

I'm quite busy today so I have to extend my plan to write about myself. So, I share this cute animated GIF. I adore this cat so much!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Popular TV series

Have you watched this TV series? It's 1999 - 2000 teens TV drama which is about teens life, school, love, friendship (I learned a lot about how to be teen through this show because that time I was still 12 - 13 years old, lol).

This gonna be the first story we gonna talked about on the morning at school after the show on the previous night. It's hilarious, adorable, cool and epic story of life. I really miss this TV show. Here some of the shoots.

The main casts.

The queen bees. Look at their phones! LOL

I adored this guy in this show.

In their class with a very cruel teacher.

Here they are. Miss them a lot.

Here's the opening credit video. You know what, it's quite hard to google this show because the title was so general. Read more about this show here. Enjoy!

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