Friday, September 30, 2011

5th year

It's not about 'how long have you been together' but 'how much you know about him'.

So much love to kiss with tears that keeps challenging us.
Thanks for everything. 

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I was born to love you

I was born to love you
With every single beat of my heart
Yes, I was born to take care of you
Every single day of my life

You are the one for me
I am the man for you
You were made for me
You're my ecstasy
If I was given every opportunity I'd kill for your love
So take a chance with me
Let me romance with you
I'm caught in a dream
And my dreams come true
It's so hard to believe this is happening to me
An amazing feeling coming through...

I was born to love you
With every single beat of my heart
Yes, I was born to take care of you
Every single day of my life

I wanna love you
I love every little thing about you
I wanna love you
Born to love you
Every single day of my life
I was born to take care of you
Every single day of my life

My life
Every single day of my life

I was born to love you - Freddie Mercury (R.I.P)

This is dedicated to him for our 5th love anniversary tomorrow. Love you so much and this song is rock!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Paper doll house

I went to his house to babysit his nephew and niece. Baby-sitting is not a very hard job for me since I've used to it with my sisters and brother.

So here's the last weekend's project with the kids but sadly, we forgot to take a picture of the handmade television! It was an Ultraman channel hand-drawn by me.

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Hey there! It's been a while since I'm quite busy of some official matters in my office. Actually, I've been thinking to post this since few weeks ago but I just don't have enough time to type some here.

So here's the print screen and officially announce that it is officially online as Finie Ramos official website.

It's actually 40% done and I replace the unfinished page as a coming soon. But there's still other official links of Finie Ramos provided there such as Facebook fan page, blog, twitter, Deviantart and also a working email form for you to send anything to me. 

Yup! I got twitter account already and feel free to click the follow button provided. About the theme and design, I'm still happy for the background image of the La Push reservation forest (for the moment) and my boots as the profile image. I will keep update them if I have time and got bored with it.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Baju kurung, Converse and the Mini Austin

Not much to say about this. I wore this few weeks ago (with full of keberanian in wearing such a weirdo match). Actually I was out of clothes that time (lots of un-done laundry) so this baju kurung seems the only one I have. With enough creative mind and strength I walked to the office with wearing this.

The mini. I don't know. Someone just parked it in front of our office so, I just take a shoot! I love mini!

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Boots and hijab

I've been wanting to share this since last week. A lot actually since I've been a way for so long. So, let me put up one by one.

Ignore the dirt. It was raining that time.

This shoots taken at Padini store at Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu last week. While my friend choosing clothes, I took some shoots with this nice huge mirror.

The boots used to be my mom's. But I beg her to give me. And notice the turban? I bought this (for myself) around RM15 somewhere around the Indian textile store since I think it  might be a great fit as a hijab! And the long cardigan, I just really love it. Enough to cover our aurat, sisters!

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Cullen House

As posted in my previous posts, I am still deeply in obsession with this damn thing Twilight Saga either the books or the movies. I've been lingered around google to find any inspirations about this damn thing obsession and I end up with this; The Cullen House.

I adore this house since the very first time I went in it. It's actually an inn called The Hook House designed by design tavern.

View more from the original source

I really love the house concept (not really because of the Twilight). I like the forest sounds and the open breeze.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My sister's Wedding - Malay@Muslim Wedding Tradition (Akad Nikah ceremony)

Hello everyone. It's been a very busy weeks and I don't have a chance to blog-walking and not even writing stuffs here. It's Eid celebration (last 30th Aug) and also my 2nd sister's wedding on the 31th Aug. Really, it's a very tired day yet a very happy day to us.

Me and the bride, my sister.
Here, I won't write about what happened on that day because my sister already wrote them in her blog here for the akad nikah event. But, as requested by my dad (since some of our overseas relatives especially from my dad's side from Philippines whom aren't really familiar with Malay wedding traditions), I'm about to explain briefly hows Malay wedding goes

Okay, Malay culture are traced mostly from Muslim traditions (but still some are traced from other traditions like Indian, Chinese and ancient beliefs). The real wedding for Malays is quite complex but since my family aren't pure Malay (my mom from Indonesian Malay and my dad from Philippines), we try to make it simple yet still following the Muslim guidelines.

As other belief and religion, each couples will get a bless and vows for their wedding. In Malay/Muslim, we call it as Akad Nikah. During the akad nikah, there must be two witnesses (two adult males or two adult male with two adult females) and Wali (bride's father or male relative on the bride's father side).

Preparing and practicing the vows. This is the most important and excited moment. The bride and groom might be sweating or shaking during this ceremony over the vow! I don't know how it exactly like, but for sure it's really-really scary!

That's the sweating bride with white veil sitting nearby the stage with the bride's mom (my mom of course) to the company the shaking bride.
The sweating bride with the mother and the aunt.
The vows will be declared by the groom with the witnesses of the wali and the witnesses. Once the wali and the witnesses agreed with the vow, the bride and the groom will be officially married with blessed.

I took this from the staircase. That's the groom (with black songkok/hat) with the Imam  (with white kopiah/hat) and my dad as the wali (on purple) next to the Imam. The witnesses are the one with green and the other one whom next to the green one.
Old folk beliefs that during the akad nikah, all the single or un-married girls cannot sit nearby the ceremony because it might confusing or mis-vowed the groom! Blahahah!

After the akad nikah and the vows successes, it is now the couple officially married and declared as husband and wife.

The do'a to thank the successive ceremony and... 
"You may now kiss your bride!"
No bride and groom without family blesses. Then, the newly wed couple will salam their parents and old relatives for the blessings.

The bride salam her new mother-in-law for the blessing

The groom salam his new mother-in-law (my mom of course) for the blessing

The bride hug her mom (my mom of course) for the emotional feelings and blessing.

And that's the emotional bride's mother (my mom of course).
After the emotional blessing ceremony, the newly bride and groom need to complete their marriage certificate. Like signing and certifying the certs and all the stuffs.

Signing the marriage certificate
and the do'a again.

Every happy new bride will always get a very precious gift from the groom. We call it as Mahar. Mahar is something precious from the groom for the bride that no one can have from any part of it. Which  mean only the bride can use the mahar. Usually, the groom will give a money, but for my sister; her husband gave him a gold necklace as the mahar (of course we cannot share this necklace!) along with a couple wristwatches for them both and also the Quran.
That's the gifts and the newly wed couple.
Close up with the gifts.

Time to put on the necklace.

After the important events successfully done, photography session will take place at the same time meal served for everyone.

Everybody wont miss to take a piece or two photos on the stage. Whoever can have a pose on it especially with the newly wed couple. But of course, family photo will be the first one.

Our new family photo.
Kids and the charming prince and princess.

My sister with our cousin.
That's me with cousins and sister.
Kids, kids and kids... Our cousins and nieces.

Married and wannabe's
Wannabe no. 1,
Wannabe no. 2,
Wannabe no. 3, geez!
The makan-makan

and the family gathering with gossips

So that's the brief explanation for my sister's akad nikah ceremony. We held is simply yet memorable. I am sorry for any misspelled and wrong grammars.

I will write more about the bertingkuang event and the making of the event soon. Thanks for reading. Feel free to drop any question if you have anything on your mind.

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