Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friends Forever

Dedicated to my childhood best friend whom I just found on facebook. I miss you so much, Denden! She is taller than me and I think that's cute for both of us just exactly like Usagi Tsukino and Makoto Kino (it was our nickname when we were 11 years old).

Also a BIG huge to all my fans and supportive friends and family. Without you guys, I won't have such encouragement to keep doing this! *emotional

Meanwhile, it was a public holiday yesterday (for the Malaysian King's coronation) and I was so busy finishing the cutest (so far) girl I've ever done! She's so sweet with Enga. I want to be a bit selfish so I won't publish the isolated version of her because I want to use her for my official website new look and domain soon!


She was supposed to be with Mbei, but then I replace him with Enga (sorry Mbei) because Enga is the official mascot of Finieramos.

Stay tune and enjoy!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Luna - Bagaikan Puteri (Ramlee Awang Mursyid)

I joined a contest from my most favorite novelist with the most awesome theme! Thanks to Nur Zulaiha Burhan for telling me this cool contest.

I don't really mind sharing it here because what is the most important is; inspiration shouldn't be hidden.

Thanks for you supports!

View the sketch here.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Same old song

This is so funny because I've been listening to the same song since last week and still until today, right now, right here!

I don't know why does this really haunting me. I don't even want to play others. This is pretty scary now!

Ps: Please leave a comment if you're having the same trouble either to the same song or any other song of your favorite. Love you!

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