Friday, September 14, 2012

Part of my life

My latest photo. Taken few hours ago.

Grandmas from both side, mom and dad. Filipino and Indonesian.

My daily life at work.
My desk

Art is my soul.

My family

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sing for me

Look at me
And listen close
So I can tell you how I feel before I go
Just a year
It's not much time
For me to show you I am proud that you are mine

I wish I had known the future in my heart
Was just about to start

Save tomorrow
I can't follow you there 
Just close your eyes and sing for me
I will hear you
Always near you
And I'll give you the words just sing for me

Every lock
On every door
I put them there to try and hide you from the world
And you kicked
Yeah, you screamed
You never understood, you're everything to me

I just hope you know, the future in your heart
Is just about to start

No looking back when I am gone
Follow your heart it's never wrong
No looking back when I am gone
Don't second guess the note you're on

Out of time
All out of fight
You are the only thing in life that I got right

Just close your eyes and sing for me

- Yellowcard

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Happy Malaysia Day

I hate my glasses already :(

Mi Megi Cepat Di Masak, Sedap Di Makan
Not too late for the 31st Aug and not too early for 16th Sept.

Photo taken at: Sandakan Airport Food Court, 21st Aug before departure back to Kota Kinabalu city.

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