Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How I draw?

Some asked me how do I draw human figure perfectly? Actually I didn't. Not as perfect as other professionals. But drawing female's, still I can sigh happily for it compare to figuring male's on my sketch papers.

I usually pick inspiring 'uncovered' photos to trace back their poses and skeletons of figures. That is why I love these photos. I'm not a pervert, I'm an artisan. 

By picking up sexy poses of photos, I do tried to draw male figures with six packs but I always fail. They always looks like a gay or an ugly K-Pop gays. Tried a lot but God's creations of six packs are so perfect and there is no way for me to trace them back with my pencil. 

When it comes to draw females, I feel like a fluffy white clouds. I don't know. I've been practicing drawing female figures since I'm into Sailor Moon when I was 11 years old. The manga taught me a lot! Maybe because I'm a female and familiar with female's curves (of course) so it makes me a lot more easier.
Then, as soon I mastered completely done with the manga styles. I tried to stop (tracing Nippon's comic styles) and convert to matured content styles as inspired by Dave Stevens and Adam Huges.

It was in a year of 2000s when I was completely into these serious figure's curves. But the manga style still on it a bit which sometime makes me really annoy with it. With the combination of my inspirations mentioned above, I tried and tried until I satisfy enough. Yet, still until today!
One day, my sister and some of my fans request me to draw more into Islamic style such as those in Ana Muslim local comic/magazine for example and lots more outside which are into Islamic perspective. So I went out do some research. Oh no! I found that most of comic style today were colonized by the Nippons too as others as well! Seems like they are so good in colonizing since WWII which is I don't really agree with.
This is too much. I decided not to complete it. Sorry
With two influences in me which are quite hard for me to get rid off, I won't stop try and try to mix them out without having to show any evidence of Nippon's manga style as what we can see everywhere today. In addition with sexy poses that Stevens and Huges influenced me a lot, I'm stuck in the middle of this scary situation for being a new Islamic illustrator when some of my artworks being rejected by some parties who wanted it to be in a proper way as a shy Muslimah. I know, but it's not as easy as drawing with eyes closed.

Her pose
I'm still in a middle of converting my style to be more acceptable especially for Muslimah. Then I found Hana Tajimah with her covered fashion styles and her daring poses. I don't know. Certain parts are so amazing but certain parts seems like unfair for me (like why she can pose like that but my 'girls' cant?). I adore her a lot, of course.

So here I am trying to be balance between American and Nippon manga styles, daring and proper poses and universal and Islamic styles.

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Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

finie boleh ka daku menjadi peminat karyamu ga ga ga

izaRamos said...

sblm selemun, influence dgn ujang mata besar2. buat kad raya. HAHAHHAHA

Finie Ramos said...

Nurul~ boleh,terima kasih! <3

Iza~ semua org (d malaysia ni) pun terpengaruh dgn style ujang dlu sblum beralih kpd manga~lol

Azeanthy Paiman said...

u drew it perfectly la dear!!i will eb ur fan!=)

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