Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 8 - Happy Birthday My Blog

This is the 8th day without Noorman. It's bo-ooring! I called him again last night and I miss him… awww! But today is my 1st birthday of my blog! Yeah..!!!

I've learned lot things since I become a blogger a year ago. I’ve got so many inspirations and friends from all around the world via sharing and commenting thoughts. I love all their photos and stories that I’ve followed and red everyday. Thank you to all friends! I love you all!

For a 1st year birthday of my blog, I also upgraded my blog by adding new items; a bar menus, so that you can get a link to my other ‘stand-alone’ pages and to my Deviantart gallery. It’s a beautiful buttons I’ve created by myself using Adobe Photoshop and doing researches of how to get the HTML codes for the buttons. So, finally I got a very fascinating result for my blog! Congrats!

I also wanted to give a Blog Award to all my blogger fellows for giving such a wonderful share. Keep up a good work guys!

Blogs List

and also to my best friend's blogs;
 Wow, this is a very huge list! How am I going to alert them all that I'm giving away this awesome award?

I love you all, thanks for all your supports!

P/s: I didn't arrange the list accordingly, its randomly placed. Muahxxx...  

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 7 - Blog update

I was a bit busy today, doing some office works and I also used some of my time upgrading my blog with adding some items, the Page List bar right on the bottom of my blog banner. Its a cool stuff but I need to do more research of how to make it fancy.

I've added few static pages; About Finie Ramos Blog and Photo Gallery while the blog writings page is in the My Journal (but don't worry, each time to access into my blog, you will automatically get in this page).

In the About Finie Ramos Blog I wrote things about my blog stuffs, you can read there. I like Photo Gallery page because I've uploaded some of my photos in there where you can see my family photos, Noorman photos and some other photos that I am sure that you never seen it before! Then, I also put the link to my Deviantart gallery where you can go directly to it and view my artworks according to the folders and features. Enjoy!

About Noorman, he's fine. I called him last night and he is alright. Not much to talk about him but yes, I am so bored along these days without him. Hm...

Ok, so... I got to do some researches to make my blog upgrade because tomorrow will be my 1st Blog Birthday! Yahoo!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 5 & Day 6 - Lazy Sunday & Thriller Monday

Ok, talk about my last Sunday... The 5th Day without Noorman is bo-oring as the days before. So I spent my day with my laptop, playing The Sims game, listening to my mp3, playing guitar...

I called Noorman before dinner and he's fine there. I got a cheaper rate when I called his brother's Philippines phone line - about RM4.00 for 7 minutes, geez...

On the night, I watched 2012 movie in my sister's laptop (for my 1st time, yea... I know its lame)... I plugged in the woofer speaker so we got the thriller sound effects (with a small laptop screen...LOL) and geez...the movie is damn thriller! (so sad for myself... I watched it on laptop screen only while my grandma watched it in cinema during the movie first released in our town few months ago!).

The impact of the movie, I got a damn thriller Monday this morning! I can't sleep well last night and having a nightmare dreams of how to save my life and my LAPTOP in such a disaster! LOL...

Photo Credit; Shantaycinnamon,

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 4 - Cloudy day & home alone

Day 4 without Noorman. It's cloudy, dreamy and bo-oring.
Plus, my mom went to holiday with my dad in the estate and she will not be at home for a week. So, we are all home alone!

Iza cook the dinners, I arrange the laundy, my sister Tasha will, I don't know what she's doing (aww..) and Fizul will control the games a-all the time...

It's fun to be home-alone, but I prefer when mom around!

About Noorman, he's fine there...
Geez, they charged us RM1.50 per text! When I sent him a text, I will be charged 1cent per text but at the same time he will be deducted RM1.50 for recieving my text! While replying my text, he will be charged at RM1.50 itself! Ohh...lame!

Photo credit; FelliniLis, Utzu, lalyta, misssnezy

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 3 - Spending time with games & comics

At last, my The Sims 2 can run properly and I spent my bo-oring  night last night (without Noorman) with playing this game. It's fun and crazy. I love em...

...and, awww... I also red this comic; Sailor Moon! I love this comic very much! They are so cute and romantic.. I've been reading this comic since I'm just a little Finie, and I'm a big girl now. But still, I love Sailor Moon!

What a lovely couple; Prince Darrien and Prince Serena..

I miss my Noorman now.. hm..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 2 - What a Boring Day

This is the day 2 without Noorman. I have to admit it... it's so damn boring. My cellphone kept silence and I don't have anybody to text with in the middle of the night.

I've planned that I can spend my bo-oring days with playing The Sims game, but I have a problem with the DVD so the game cannot run properly without it.

It seems like the day went so-oo slow. Yes, Noorman texted me once or two yesterday and telling me that they gonna be there about 2 weeks something and geez, this is just the 2nd day and I feel like hell!

Omg...hmm ~

Photo; ~abx

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 1 - Leaving On a Ferry

Noorman left the port yesterday evening at 6 o'clock. We just texted all the time till he reached the border. I didn't go to the port and say goodbye... geeze, that's the most scariest thing in the world for me! Aww..

For sure, I'm gonna miss him so bad along these days without him around.

Where is he going? He's going to Philippines to visit his family there. Actually he's not feeling like going there for a visit because what we heard that it is an election season for Philippines and the place will not be as safe as usual. It's his dad who wanted to visit them so bad...

I know, 15 days aren't so long to wait...

Photo Credit; Brittany Ferry, The Ferry

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Grey Sky



Noorman is going to Philippines tomorrow afternoon and I'm going to be all alone! I know we've been away for almost a year but at least we still can texts and calls each other. Malaysia & Philippines? That's ROAMING with 50cent per text! That's damn crazy! He's going to be there for few weeks, maybe about 15 days or whatever..

Yea, I know..That's sucks~

For sure, I'm gonna miss him so bad...

Photos Credit GuddiPoland, Kurze15, adeadrockstar @ deviantart

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Angel on your bed Series

Angel On Your Bed 3
: Colored Version:

I made another new artwork today for Angel On Your Bed series and I don't know... I got a feeling of her and this series. I made a lot artworks about her and I like it.

Actually I wrote a synopsis for this series and published it in my Deviantart profile. Yes, you can read there at my BLOG section. I don't know if I will write/draw more detail of this story but I do enjoy drawing the series.

Here some other Angel On Your Bed artworks I've done before.

Forbidden Love

 Angel On Your Bed 2

Angel On Your Bed 1

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My latest drawing

I made it today (16th March 2010) and...I love it very much!
I was inspired to draw this when I listened to my favorite song by D'masiv, Merindukan Mu (Missing you), the Indonesian alternative band and also inspired by
Kevin Adrean.

 Kevin Adrean is an Indonesian actor. I met him on Sekar drama, an Indonesian drama. It's a typical Indonesian un-logic & crazy drama, but I love the story plots. Plus this guy is damn cute and he is just 17 years old! Geez, he is damn cute.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Un-expected Trip to Kundasang, Ranau, Borneo Part II

:: Nice place to enjoy the full view of Mt. Kinabalu! ::

:: The nice view from our bedroom window::

:: Fresh flowers and veggies for sale ::

Another pictures taken during our un-expected trip to Kundasang. Photos mostly taken by Fizul, my 10 years old little brother.
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