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Monday, August 27, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mt. Kinabalu air-view

I guess this is the best that I can take (so far). You can check other's in google image and I am so envy with their snaps!

You can see there's a small tiny dots below the mountain's heel. That's probably the Kundasang small town.

Somewhere above the wind

Salaaam and Eid Mubarak everyone! I'm back for my latest post - The Magic of Mount Kinabalu taken from airplane.

It's my trip from Sandakan for celebrating the Eid back to Kota Kinabalu. I'm not always take airplane to travel from Sandakan to Kota Kinabalu. For 6 years, I only travel by bus. But this time, since I got extra I choose airplane and feel the different.

It's actually only 300+ km and took about average 6 hours driving. Well, enough to make you dizzy and back-ache. So, by airplane, it only took about 45 minutes! But I have to pay my neck-ache for keeping my head 90 degrees looking outside the window for this magic view because this is my first time looking at the mountain's air-view (and my 2nd time travel from east to west Sabah by airplane).

You only can enjoy this magic if you travel (by air) anywhere from east coast to west coast of Sabah. You cannot see the mountain if you're from peninsular Malaysia. So, that's the magic!

I am so proud to be Sabahan and Bornean!

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