Monday, November 29, 2010

Walk in my secret forest

I'm walking through my secret forest

It's foggy and cold

I come just to see my tiny friend, in this beautiful secret forest

To touch this wet grass again
and running bare foot on the green with you

But when I wake up, I was dreaming...and still dreaming with this fireflies around

Can't wait for our Little Home

I want to stay in our little home

With you where you lay down your head

and fill the bed with lots of love

Then when I wake up in the morning; I've already become your bride

Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Lost


I'm just feeling so lost. I lost my inspiration and it seems like I'm in a middle of nowhere. Everything I do today seems so nothing. I tried to get my soul back but I can't find it. I left it somewhere in the corner of nowhere. Ouch, that's to emotional today. Yes, I know.

Not much to say but my head forcing me to do something good, but I can't. I just don't have the strength to do such thing that can make my day satisfy enough today. I'm just lost in nowhere.

Show me the road to love

It's not because of something that bothering my head this morning, or maybe it is. I felt like everyone is staring on what I'm doing today. Ugh, I know its just a sort of unusable feeling but my soul want to shout and run. Now I become more emotional now. No, I'm not yet that too emotional.

I just want to do something as usual, as yesterday where my head full with brilliant lights and as everyday where people may clap hands and applause me saying "good job, Finie!". I'm just a bit lost today.

Show me the sunshine light

To where? To nowhere...   The clock crawl so slow today. Damn!

I need time and space

Not enough sleep

More freedom

Some privacy
Life seems so hard,
When you lost certain parts of it...

I need time and space

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm always everywhere

Across the Universe

I wasn't been here for quite long awhile since I was so busy with my works, Facebook and another page somewhere around the Facebook.

Quite ashame when I remembered how much I really dislike Facebook and finally I got all my stuffs there. It's just a matter of some few things. My mom and dad got their Facebook too and its really helps a lot since we're all live separately everywhere around the corner of this country.

I'm so in polaroid mood and
so a dreamy Mood

Today; is a very dreamy day. I was having one day off yesterday to clean up the room; Noorman's parents is coming today and we gonna fetch them this evening after office. It's surely going to be another exhausted day to go. But not much to worry because this two fellows will fly again on the next day afternoon to Sandakan. Yes, they fly like a birds.

Now my Noorman is heading to pick me here. I'm so exhausted this week and need some holiday away from all this mess. But still I'm always addict to web designing because I felt I miss all the codings when I was in an off day or when I'm in weekend. Isn't that sound so funny? Or do I sound like a workaholic? No, I'm just a person how love my job very much.


Sometimes I do felt regret with this choice; to live far away from my mom and feeling homesick all nights but this is what life is. Grew up, work and married.

Mom, I promise I will come home...soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Finieramos now in Facebook!

Guys, I made the official in facebook where I've upload more ideas and artwork. Check it out and please do 'like' it.

While this blog will remain as the place where I upload stuffs that I love to share from deviantart, etc., poems, lyrics and some of Finieramos stuffs as well.

'Finieramos' on t shirt

'Angel on your bed' on t shirt

Here some of the stuffs I just added there, seems like more into business than shares as what I usually do here. So, that's the different.  There's still a lot more things I will upload soon. I'm not yet doing it officially as business. I still need some time and observation to see and count the responses. So, here I am expanding my Finieramos. Your support is really appreciated! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My dear best friend; Jeannah

C4M30 on Deviantart
Finally found you,
After few years gone without you...

I miss the laughters that we shared,
My dear best friend, Jeannah...

The latest Jeannah with her lovely son. 

During our childhood memory - SK Sandau year 2000
Little Jeannah on the focus

She was my closest friend at school,
I sleepover at her house for many times
and so was her...

We shared thousand laughters and tears
right until we both disappeared...

And now we're back again
Waiting for another love to share...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I need some veggie



I'm away from mom...
The one who cooks the best veggie.

Now my skin dries!
And I need my mom now...
To cook me veggie and grow my skin fair...

But I'm away from mom,
I have to get some vitamins...

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