Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Menghayal (daydream)

Aku mau menghayal
Jauh menghanyutkan minda ku... jauh
Mengimaginasikan diriku memandu jauh 
Ke alam yang hanya aku yang tahu

Sebab hati ini kaku
Aku berdengkur dalam tidurku

Aku pedih.

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I did this, express. I don't have moods to pattern it in detail with this broken heart. While I finished the raw lines last weekend.

Have fun!

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It's a very cool application for those who dumbs not good in Adobe Photoshop. I've been using it since they attach their application on Yahoo's toolbar. See this!

But as announced through their official sites, they'll be officially close on April 19, 2012 for unknown reason! Yes, it's a very bad news for all of us! So, instead counting the day, go grab your photo and start picnik them for free at their site now.

Like their Facebook page and Tweet them ask why they're closing!

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

The addiction

Mata mu, bibir mu...
Pipimu dan juga senyum mu
Membuat aku lebur
Hanyut di dalam ghairah
Kerana mu

Tubuhmu, harummu...
Hatimu oh semua aku mahu

Ingin ku gigit-gigit cuping telinga kecil mu
Luahkan perasaanku
Membisikkan aku cinta kamu

Hadiahkan asmara di setiap pagimu
Dengan harapan agar kau tahu
Semoga kau tahu
Ku gilakan mu

Memujuk rayu hatiku
Sering bergoncang jiwa ini
Siang malam ku gundah
Tiada melihat wajahmu


Aqasha - Obsesi

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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Well, life is not always easy even you have enough food to eat. It's the matter of feelings and trusts.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Off for 5 days

It's a holiday season this weekend so I might not be around here for five days (hopefully not that long). I won't go back to mom's this month, insyaAllah next month. So, I don't know what shall I do during this free days. Maybe daydreaming with guitar or more drawings (hopefully I have some privacy to do so).

Happy holiday everyone!

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Photoshop tutorial - Define Pattern

Phew! It took 4 hours for me to complete this tutorial. Hope this can help you a lot! Feel free to drop a comment if you got any question or ideas to share.

Don't forget to share your artwork with me when you've learned this!

Okay, here's the steps!

1) Get anything you want to paint from anywhere; mine, I draw on a piece of paper with pencil and scan it into my computer. So, here's the scanned ribbon.

2) Download any pattern you like anywhere in google. But I have my own favorite collection here. You can use them by right click on the image > Save image as and directly save it in your document. But remember, click the image first to ENLARGE it otherwise, the image that you'll save will be just the thumbnail and it wont look good later!

3) Once you grabbed your favorite pattern online, open them in Adobe Photoshop. Now, I'm using Photoshop CS4. To open in Photoshop, simply click: File > Open and locate your pattern in your file.

4) Then, click Edit > Define Pattern just exactly what the diagram shows below:

5) As you clicked it, a box will appear. This box is for you to give your pattern a name so you can remember it at time you want to use it later.

6) This pattern, I named it as 'mystrawberrypattern_by finieramos.jpg'

7) Then, you may close this pattern file by clicking the X button just exactly like on the diagram below:

Okay. Now were're done defining our pattern!

8) Next step, we are about to put the pattern onto our scanned drawing. In Photoshop, click File > Open and locate your scanned drawing.

This is my scanned ribbon that I draw just now. Now it's in Photoshop.
9) Then, you go to your Layer Panel and right click the Background layer. Click Convert to Smart Object. If you can't find your Layer Panel, click Window (the one that I pointed in red right on the diagram below) and make sure the Layer is checked by clicking it to make your Layer Panel appear. You can also click F7 to get the Layer panel shown.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beret and boots

My addiction to Photoshop's 'define pattern...' is really-really serious now. I download patterns anywhere and paint them straight away on her clothes. It seems like I want to put patterns all over her's but in fashion design rules, it may look a bit awkward.

By the way, look at her beret. It's kinda new and nobody ever try this way with hijab here in Malaysia (maybe because of the hot weather around). I was inspired from here.

Well, fashion has no limitation as well as imaginations. As long as it enough to cover our aurat, we still can have them.


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Sihir Hujan

Hujan mengenal baik pohon, jalan dan selokan,
Suaranya bisa dibeda-bedakan;
Kau akan mendengarnya meski sudah kau tutup pintu dan jendela.
Mesikpun sudah kau matikan lampu.

Hujan, yang tahu benar membeda-bedakan,
Telah jatuh dipohon, jalan dan selokan,
Menyihirmu agar sama sekali tak sempat mengaduh waktu menangkap
Wahyu yang harus kau rahsiakan.

Sapardi Djoko Damono

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Bukan sengaja ku pergi
Ingin bersendiri
Segalanya tersembunyi...

Teduhnya kasih mu

Bukan sengaja rasa ini ternyala
Telah ku tutup membeku
Namun kamu tetap berdiri di sana
Di setiap sudut hati
Setiap mimpi

Bukan sengaja...
Bukan sengaja ku rasa

Ps: I can't find the full lyric. I tried to do my own but it's hard to catch what she sang.

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