Monday, March 1, 2010

Finie Ramos & Friends - Episode 1

Page 1; Introducing main character as Finie. She admitted that she is the cutest girl in the garden and want to be the prettiest girl when she grow up.

Page 2; Introducing Enga, he love to eat 4 cupcakes everyday.

Page 3; Introducing Mbei, lost his left side eyes when he was belonged to a little baby and Finie adopt him now.

Page 4; Introducing Noorman, he is the baby who loose Mbei's eyes and never bored to help Finie to swing the hanging tire.
Page 5; Introducing Miming, Noorman's cat and hate to eat cheap cat's food.

Hello all! Okay, this is just a beginning series of Finie Ramos & Friends story. I made it freehand, scanned it and colored it using Adobe Photoshop. But I am sorry to some of you because I wrote it in Malay. I promise I will write it in English very soon.

While thinking hard for ideas, I've made a decision for the main story of this series; to write about science subject with a year 1 syllabus based on Jabatan Pendidikan Malaysia; Malaysian Department of Education syllabus.

So, I think by writing in English it will help a lot. Not just for my dear English readers but also for Malaysian kids who wanted to learn English language in a fun way.

Geez, I know this might take years to complete and success but with hardworking and a lot of prays, nothing is impossible.

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faa.rosli said...

fall in lurve with ur comic....


Finie Ramos said...

ohh..thanks faa.rosli..but still don't have time to continue their story.. :(

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