Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 7 - Blog update

I was a bit busy today, doing some office works and I also used some of my time upgrading my blog with adding some items, the Page List bar right on the bottom of my blog banner. Its a cool stuff but I need to do more research of how to make it fancy.

I've added few static pages; About Finie Ramos Blog and Photo Gallery while the blog writings page is in the My Journal (but don't worry, each time to access into my blog, you will automatically get in this page).

In the About Finie Ramos Blog I wrote things about my blog stuffs, you can read there. I like Photo Gallery page because I've uploaded some of my photos in there where you can see my family photos, Noorman photos and some other photos that I am sure that you never seen it before! Then, I also put the link to my Deviantart gallery where you can go directly to it and view my artworks according to the folders and features. Enjoy!

About Noorman, he's fine. I called him last night and he is alright. Not much to talk about him but yes, I am so bored along these days without him. Hm...

Ok, so... I got to do some researches to make my blog upgrade because tomorrow will be my 1st Blog Birthday! Yahoo!

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