Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My latest drawing

I made it today (16th March 2010) and...I love it very much!
I was inspired to draw this when I listened to my favorite song by D'masiv, Merindukan Mu (Missing you), the Indonesian alternative band and also inspired by
Kevin Adrean.

 Kevin Adrean is an Indonesian actor. I met him on Sekar drama, an Indonesian drama. It's a typical Indonesian un-logic & crazy drama, but I love the story plots. Plus this guy is damn cute and he is just 17 years old! Geez, he is damn cute.


Zaheen said...

ooooh...i really adore this drawing..can i make this as my desktop background? it looks real n alive!

Finie Ramos said...

awww..of course my dear...thank you very much..i made them as my laptop background too!

Kevin Adrian pun hensem kan!hehe

Zaheen said...

oo tq so much dear...yeah...he is very super damn cute boy!! heheeee ^^

Finie Ramos said...

aww..yea...but i think my noorman is the most charming man for me..awww

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