Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 4 - Cloudy day & home alone

Day 4 without Noorman. It's cloudy, dreamy and bo-oring.
Plus, my mom went to holiday with my dad in the estate and she will not be at home for a week. So, we are all home alone!

Iza cook the dinners, I arrange the laundy, my sister Tasha will, I don't know what she's doing (aww..) and Fizul will control the games a-all the time...

It's fun to be home-alone, but I prefer when mom around!

About Noorman, he's fine there...
Geez, they charged us RM1.50 per text! When I sent him a text, I will be charged 1cent per text but at the same time he will be deducted RM1.50 for recieving my text! While replying my text, he will be charged at RM1.50 itself! Ohh...lame!

Photo credit; FelliniLis, Utzu, lalyta, misssnezy

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