Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My 150th

"Dear Eyqa Amin,

Thank you very much for being my

I really appreciate it!"

Feel free to grab this sticker and paste it on your blog's wall!

Thanks again!

I also want to say thanks for those who just followed me recently but I am sorry for not giving you this 'Follower' sticker but you still can grab my official stickers right on my right-side wall.

Oh...This is so wonderful!


eyqa amin said...

cayala sis......
xmcm ape lak kn....btol2 t'haru la kak!!!!
thanx alotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
muak2x....tpkn...kte xtau la nk wat sticker cmnie..nnt pas grade pasl nie kte lak wat tok akak ye..


Finie Ramos said...

hohoh..thank you very much eyqa~ Thanks for following and reading my writings~

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