Friday, December 4, 2009

LOL! My laptop!!

This is my desktop screen look like. I just put 3 icons on there; Rocketdock, Dail-up and Recycle Bin. I also put a desktop calendar on the right-corner screen. I leave my background color black and use my fav photo as a wallpaper. I use Windows Vista Black skin. I like it! Simple...

And when I roll the ponter on the top of the screen, the RocketDock will appear where I put my important links on it. Like (from left) My Computer, Drive C (El Maleek), Drive D - my backup partition (El Haidar), My Documents (El Dzhabbar), My Graphic Stuff (where I saved all my pretty pictures downloaded from webs), e-Dictionary, Internet Explorer, Morzila FireFox, the useless-show-desktop-icon (I'll remove it later!), Rocket Dock Setting, Adobe Photoshop, Windows Media Player (but nowadays I mostly use JetAudio to play my, TuneUp and 1-click Maintenance.

I like this Rocket Dock software. Its like Mac OS's items and its really help. It makes my screen clean and simple when I put all my important like hidden here. Good idea, huh?

Ah-ha... This is my Drive C or I name it as El Maleek. Here is all the main systems of my laptop. But still I decorate it with my drawing as the background! I use Folder Shine software to make it fancy. Actually there is something precious hidden in here! The 'nfsu' file. Well, its a Need For Speed Underground game that I hide here for a very long time! You know why? Because I don't want my brother found it and play it all day long none-stop! So I lied him that there's no NFSU game in my laptop! Hahah...evil sister!

This is my favorite and important part in my laptop, the Drive D or El Haidar the partition of my hardisk. Before I got my external hardisk, I used to stuffed all my important junks here. Like my college's assingments, photos, softwares installer, mp3 collections. But today, I already moved them to my hardisk and whats left here were just extra-important things like my 12G mp3 collection (lol), pictures and other things.

This is My Documents folder, or I name it as El Dzhabbar. I don't put important stuff here. Just a junks.

...and this is my external hardisk; El Dzhabbar II. Here I put my new junks and moved files from my El Haidar. I got movies saved here! (lol)


Well, I love making my laptop look fancy. I also have a lot of softwares and funny junks in it. I'm not into games but I love photos and nice pictures! Thats why I love blogging!

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