Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have a déjà-vu inside
A feeling that I don’t have words of how to let the things came out
A love and a road of life that I need to walk through for the rest of my life
A future and the past that keeps haunting me days by days
A light that brighten up my days
And the dark side that keep whispering into my tiny heart

My past of memories was full with things that I don’t even know of how to let them stop chasing me
My future of dreams is full with thousand thoughts and reveries that came from my endless imaginations

But, please...
Tell me about this déjà-vu that keep troubling my beautiful days.

 I red someone's blog that I knew and it really makes me feels ::unexplainable::
I just don't want to make 'that' blog public here but it really makes me feel ::unexplainable::
Just .:I'M IN LOVE:.


Shell Sherree said...

You're a sensitive soul, Finie...

Finie Ramos said...

Sherree ~ I think am... But maybe because I felt a bit dreamy this week.

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