Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Eyes

I went to optical shop yesterday and check my eye's degrees. Well, just for fun and check how far it goes. But what surprising me, the girl said I need glasses already. My eyes are getting worst than during I checked it few months ago. I never though that. My left eyes sight degree went 2.00 than I remembered before was only 1.25. While my right eyes were 1.25 now! They said I need to wear glasses!

But dear me... Do I really need it? Yes, I do have migraine and it’s really annoying me. I do face computer 8 hours a day in office and home sometimes. It’s true, computer is my life. But, as I linger around the shop yesterday, none of the design caught my interest. I hate glasses.

Since I know how to play with make-ups especially eye shadows, now I learn how to appreciate the beauties in me (lol). I don’t want to wear glasses, never! A contact-lens? I can’t… I have a sinus and I think I’m kind of allergic things in my eyes. Contact-lens is also a troublesome for me.

Yes, eating healthy food? Carrots and vegetables? That’s mean I have to cook by myself. I love vegetables but not really carrots. Once in a while… But please… I just DON’T WANT TO WEAR GLASSES. hm

p/s: Look at my beautiful eyes above... (LOL) If i wear glasses, that's mean no use of my eye shadow!


Anonymous said...

only me have a bright n beautiful eyes ;)

*weh the 2nd pics was edited in photoshop kan??so those eyes arent ur original eyes lah :p


Shell Sherree said...

I cried when I first was told I had to wear glasses {a LONG TIME AGO}, but it's SO nice to see clearly! The optometrist should be able to give you contact lens samples to try. It feels really weird at first, but I got used to them very quickly. You might be surprised ~ and you still get to apply and wear your eye makeup easily!

Finie Ramos said...

Kak Ita ~ Although it was edited with adobe Photoshop, but still my eyes laaa

Sherree ~ Well.. I'm still thinking which one either glasses or contact lens..hmm

Zaheen said...

oh plss dont wear glasses..
bulu mata finie cntik taw..
show em off babe!

Finie Ramos said...

Zaheen ~ Yea..I dont want too until my eyes become worst! long i still can read normally and see normally..


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