Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Real Mermaid FOUND!

I linger around the youtube trying to search any video that related to mermaid then I met Hannah Fraser. She's a real mermaid. She made a great mermaid show with real sea creatures including whales and turtles with thousand fishes.
Click here to watch her show (I don't have idea of how to put video in this post, I use update blog setting, LOL)

She's so beautiful!

Hannah's Bio

Hannah Fraser is a professional Mermaid, ocean environmentalist, performance artist and model. She has been fascinated by the mermaid myth since she was a tiny child, creating her first tail when she was only 9 years old, avidly swimming around her pool to practice freediving and breath hold. Working as an artist and model for many years, she now devotes her time to creating exquisite handmade mermaid tails and traveling the world performing as a mermaid for film, television, advertising, events and environmental activism. She and David Rastovich, (pro-surfer) organised the Taiji 'paddle out' in the killing bay of Japan where thousands of dolphins are slain annually.

My childhood dream has become a career! Keeping my vision over the years I now travel the world to exotic locations being filmed and photographed as a mermaid. I was drawing mermaids before the age of 3 and have continued creating mermaid art to this day! At age 9 I made my first mermaid tail out of orange plastic material. The heavy waterlogged tail helped me develop a strong dolphin-style of swimming!

In 2002 I created my second mermaid tail, a fully functional tail much faster than my childhood one. The unusual construction was a plastic boomerang, 2 coat hangers, flippers and a lot of duct tape inside wetsuit material! A true Aussie mermaid!

Hannah's on Ads

See! Who said dreams can't come true?!

Click here to see hundreds of her pictures!


Shell Sherree said...

Her tails are very pretty ~ I'm happy for her, following what she loves, no matter how 'unlikely' a career it would seem to be. Very inspiring, Finie!

Anonymous said...

those are so FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finie Ramos said...

of course she's not real! but she did a great job! ^_^

Anonymous said...

that was totally FAKKEE.... but she was kinda PP...RRR..EE..TT..Y! <3 XOXOXOX :D

Anonymous said...

That is not FAKE, it's real. Search HANNAH FRASER in youtube. :)

Anonymous said...

It really isn't fake! You can buy custom made mermaid tails from mertailors. Mertailors are people who make a living by creating actual mermaid tails. The way they work is you buy a tail then you get the actual tail then you just put your legs into the tail and there you go. You've got yourself your very own mermaid tail.

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