Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some of my funny sketches (I guess)

This is a 2005's sketch. I haven't color it yet. This sketch have it's own story and deep feelings.

This is the 2007's sketch. Daydreaming to be a bride! Not yet colored. Well, the original of this sketch was STOLEN by my ex-room mate back when I was in college. I know it was stolen because I draw it on my sketch book together with other sketches. But the part of this sketch (only) was cut out nicely and lost! See!

This is the 2005's sketch. Not yet colored. I think her shoes was too big. ~huhuh

This is the 2003 / 2004's sketch. I think this sketch is fine but still there is something wrong with it because my mom said that it will be impossible to hold the electric guitar like that! ~ Hahahaha

This is the 2005's sketch. Actually there are two different sketch which I combined it together became one piece. The background and the girl. Her leg were so BIG! ~ Hahaha


Shell Sherree said...

More lovely sketches, Finie! And that's one of the fun things about art ~ it doesn't always matter whether you can hold an electric guitar that way or not. :)

BuDakHutaN said...

aku suka dengan gaya lukisan dan lukisan owh! sayalah urang sandakan :)

Khushtaba said...

hi, i loveeee ur sketches and u have a lot of talent. i am just 13 but i would love to lern how to draw like or almost as close to u. i know i will not succeed but i will still try. So can u plzzz teach how to draw the married couple. it is sooo preety. the one that got stolen by your roommate. i would really appreciate that. thnx.

Finie Ramos said...

Khushtaba, thanx for ur comment and appreciates.

For your information, i'v been drawing since i'm 3 years old until today...if you want to draw better use all your imagination and always do practice. Do lots of references and never give up!

wedding drawing needs a lot of practice not only in human figure but also clothes textures and poses. you need a lot of references from real photo of wedding picture.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

wow. 3 years old that is really awesome. thnx for all the advice. i really appreciate it. u r awesome. :D

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