Thursday, September 24, 2009

About Affinie A. Ramos

Lion... the suitable things that match to my soul (because I born in a Leo month I guess)

I really love beads and lace bracelet and accesories.

I can't stop 'screaming' as I saw this Mini Austin car! I think Vintage pin up is so nice.

I just can't stop eating Cheese cake, McDonald's and Lamb Chop!

Em... my beloved true buddy is my accoustic guitar.

I love eating kind of this stuff when I feel boring especially when I'm in office.
*all pictures grabbed from Deviant Art
This post is dedicated especially to my old friend; Zahin.
P/s: I haven't change a lot I guess. (^,^)


Shell Sherree said...

You really do love lamb chops, Finie. ;) I hope you play your guitar often...

Zahin said...

yup u do...u havent change a lot..;-) play the guitar for me plss...hehe...

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