Saturday, September 26, 2009


I want to have a pet that I can hold and hug (not kind of Fish! I can't hug a fish...). But what kind of pet? Other than a cat?

Do you think I can bring him into my room and let him sit on my bed???

A reptile? My sister hate reptile! She rather move to other house than living in a same place with reptile. Poor Mr. Lizard.

A parot? Or kind of bird? I don't like to see them un-free in the cage. But leaving them free, they'll hit the ceiling fan and die!

Hamster? Too small and I'm afraid that my mom will accidently suck him with vacum cleaner!

CAT. Yes? CAT!!!

Dog? Absolutley CANNOT because dog is forbidden for muslim.

I always wish to have weird pet like:

Koala. But Australian Government did not allow koala to be export to other country except for Zoos case.

Orang Utan @ Ape? Hm... he might be too naughty and can't sit still nicely in the sofa!


I always wish to have lion or

Black Leopard at home... (^.^)


Shell Sherree said...

I vote for the kitty cat, Finie!! There are many fine and beautiful animals out there, but for me, I've never come across anything as enchanting as the rumbling purr of a contented kitty.

Finie Ramos said...

Thanx for your 'love note' sherree.. (^.^)
well, yes...Kitty is the 1st choice of all...My friend want to give me her new born kitten but my mom refuse to adopt him for this time because we still need time to prepare all of his stuffs so he can feel comfortable

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