Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Serenade Garden

My dreamy world is all came from my dreamy life. I love to find insipration photos that will make my dream come to life. Like this huge tree in the middle of the grass field and those lovly pictures which I grabbed from some of my friend's blog and also from deviantart

Back to my story; I just love to have my own life. When I was a little girl, I just love to spend my time locked in my bedroom and 'play' with my imaginative friend. I love to draw princess and castle until today...

But then since we're in a high technology world now, my dreams can be shared with you guys in this blog.. Taking Diploma in Multimedia Application and studies about animation and drawings really made my dream comes alive.

I tell you one secret about where I met this little girl's character... Back when I was 3 years old, I love to draw, and then my mom told me that I draw a girl who tries to comb her messy hair. What the cute thing is her messy hair. I saw the drawing few years ago when I helped my mom cleaning up our store room. I'll try to search it later and scan it to post it here for you all. Then, I took this little girl's characters base on some of my own characters such as funny, talkative, friendly, sloppy... My mom also told me when I was 5 years old, I was very small and thin and talkative just like this little girl. Hu-hu..

About this little boy, I took it base from my noorman's characters. Silent, mysterious and lovely. This little boy wear a black cap just like Noorman.

About Enga, he was a plush toy birthday gift from my uncle eden during my 20th Birthday. He bought it from Singapore during his duty there.

While Miming is Noorman's pet. She's a cat with white furry. She dislikes eating rotten food like most cat use to be. She just loves to eat expensive food! hahahah

After all, all my characters are actually come from a real life...

I'll post another post about introducing them later... Happy Reading!

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Shell Sherree said...

You can see your dreaminess by the photos you choose, Finie. :) I wondered if your story was inspired by you and Noorman, and wondered if Noorman has a cat ~ and indeed, it was and he does!

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