Thursday, September 24, 2009

.:Things I do each time I reach my office:.

.:Things I do each time I reach my office:.

  1. Saying "Good morning" to everyone

  2. Punch my card

  3. Switch off my mp4 player

  4. Sms my Noorman and telling him that I've arrived

  5. Turn to my PC

  6. Check my Yahoo!Mail

  7. Check my updated friend's blogs and leave comments

  8. Check my official email

  9. Check the Deviant Art and finally

  10. Start working...

I took Diploma in Multimedia and so into arts and creative stuffs but now I work as a Sales & Marketing Assistant in a property company which I'm responsible in handling all the booking services and preparing the agreement letters. It does sound boring and not related to my course at all but I think I start to love my job.

1 comment:

Shell Sherree said...

It doesn't sound boring, Finie! Handling bookings requires one to be more creative than one may first imagine.

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